Google Slides Children’s Chore Chart

How to use Google Slides to create a Children’s Chore Chart

Would you like to learn how to use Google Slides and create a beautiful children’s chore chart and responsibility chart for your family? Wouldn’t it be great to better understand Google Drive to demystify the technology so you can better utilize it?

Not only can you better understand Google Drive, but you can create amazing printables that will better serve you and your family, today! If you love technology and view it as a tool, not a hindrance then let’s dive into today’s post all about using, editing, and printing a PRINTABLE Google Slide Children’s Chore Chart (or any printable you truly need).

FREE CHORE CHART_Editable Google Slides Chore and Responsibility Chart for children

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What is Google Slides?

Google Slides is Google’s version of the PowerPoint Presentation. What is PowerPoint? It is a great software tool that professionals and students have been using for the last 20 years to present eye-popping, sometimes gimmicky, presentations that have become the #1 standard for presenting anything today. So get on board or get left behind. You can read all about my love for Google and how I use it on a daily basis on this post.

How do I get Google Slides?

  1. Set up a Google Account by setting up a Gmail account that will provide you with an email and access to Google Drive.
  2. Within Google Drive, you will have an option to create a “+New” digital file.
  3. After clicking the “+New” tab, you will select “Google Slides”

Another option, you can also download “Google Slides” to your mobile device and create items directly within the program without accessing Google Drive. (Google Drive is your Windows Explorer ONLINE or a cloud service that stores all these files in a place that won’t disappear and you can access anytime anywhere.)

Why should I create a Children’s Chore Chart?

As a mom to four little kids that are eight and under, I understand the importance of trying to create routines and schedules. I love drafting children’s chore charts and lists on regular paper but nothing beats a well designed, pretty, and evenly lined up chore chart slipped inside a page protector, or better yet, LAMINATED so my children can quickly and easily check off their achievements – #WINWIN situation!

*Post was written during the great Coronavirus quarantine so we were desperately looking for systems to stay productive.

FULL TRANSPARENCY! I am not a born organized person. I lose my keys on a daily basis and have mini piles all around the house! As a creative, I rise to the challenge of creating something beautiful and surrounding myself with beautiful things like clean and straight forward charts HELPS A TON!

What works for you? Leave a comment below with tips and tricks for staying organized as a creative.

How to use Google Slides to create a Children’s Chore Chart



You could create one from scratch OR just use the template that I have created for you 🙂

Use the link below to gain access to the template we will be using throughout the rest of this guide.


You have two options.

One, you can download the PDFs of the Chore and Responsibility Charts without any editing needed to print directly. All you have to do is write in the chores and duties the child[ren] will accomplish and Voila! You are done.

Two, Click the link provided to you via email to access the template. FIRST THING YOU MUST DO is create a COPY! If you do not have a Gmail account then the only option will be to download.


The edits available are located in the name, chore lines, and verse text at the bottom of the chart.

Click the first line in the table to start writing the duties and chores needed.

^^^DON’T WORRY about making a mistake. There is an easy to use “redo” button located at the top of the Google Slides page that will backup your edits.


You have entered all the data needed and am ready to download and/or print.

You could download as PDF or image file (.jpeg). A PDF would be used to PRINT and utilize on a fridge, etc. An image file could be used on your phone as a screensaver or perhaps inside an app that you can easily manipulate that way you save some paper.


The print preview and print option will provide you with more options to make sure the Chart fits onto your paper size.

You should select “advanced options” then “fit to printable area” so that the whole Chart will print on your paper size.

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