How to make Scripture Wall Art using Canva that is fast and affordable | James 1:4

Do you want to create beautiful scripture wall art in your home but wood signs are too difficult or your handwriting isn’t the best? (or is that just me???)

Well, NOW you can do it!

By using Canva, a FREE online graphic design tool, you will be creating and designing scripture wall art for every room in your home!

(If you just want the printable PDF for your home CLICK HERE)

1. Create a FREE Canva Account

Go to

Create a free account with your email or Facebook account.

You will have access to Canva via your desktop computer or download the app to use on your smart device.

2. Look for Scripture Wall Art inspiration

First, select a verse or scripture that is currently speaking to you or a life verse that will uplift your spirits every time you pass it in your home.

Second, go to the internet and look for inspiration!

During this phase, please be mindful of what others have created – DO NOT copy their artwork and resale it online. If you see something that another person has created and you know that it would take less time to just purchase the .jpeg and print then go ahead and support a small business owner.

Third, select what you like and dislike from the inspiration via google search or Pinterest.

  1. Do you like the script font?
  2. Do you like the use of images?
  3. Do you like the use of typography?
  4. Do you like how this piece of art will inspire others?

3. Select Correct Dimensions

At this point, you have selected the verse and an inspiring piece of work. Now let’s make sure we design the scripture wall art on the right size canvas!

What will size paper will you print this design on?

As a DIY project, I encourage you to print these simple designs on heavy cardstock paper which would be 8.5 in x 11 in – your standard American letter size paper. Wal-Mart carries these simple and minimalist style frames that will hold these prints perfectly.

4. Select Canva Template

If you struggled to find a piece of inspiring work – don’t worry! Canva has a huge selection of designs that waiting for your individual tweaks.

Select the right template size and design (you can choose a blank one if you want to create from scratch).

5. Design


Designing your very own scripture wall art can be so satisfying within Canva. The actual tagline is:

“Canva makes design simple for everyone”


The side panel is where all the action happens.

Select the text module to load your text. You can upload your own font as I did from Creative Market (my favorite script font is – The Sofy).

Select the elements module to place an image or illustration onto your design.

Select the upload module to upload a personal image or graphic. The image or graphic can be self-made and/or purchased from Creative Market or Envato Elements.

Now it is time to place your elements onto the design template. This part is harder than it seems because there is an actual skill to place elements in an eye-pleasing arrangement. YOu can turn on the “guides” to help you keep things in line and use the … to arrange the elements evenly.

For the most part, use a GRID to keep things uniform and easy to read by not using more than 2-3 different fonts.

6. Download and Print

Saving your image is super easy using Canva.

Save it as a PDF to quickly print it on your cardstock paper.

Save it as a JPEG to send to Wal-Mart to have it printed on…

Save it as a PNG (this works best if you want to place it on top of something and have the transparent background) to use later on other designs.

Let’s see your Designs!

If you have followed along and created something this far, please tag me or share an image of it in your home via email.

If you just want this print CLICK here to download it for Free!

If you want more this print and much more CLICK HERE for my resource library and community HUB.

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