Bible on Phone Vs Paper: Does It Matter If You Read Your Bible On Your Phone?

Have you been wrestling with a choice? Bible on phone vs Paper?

Should I read God’s Word in my physical PAPER Bible or Bible on the Phone? Does it really matter which one is used?


Is studying God’s word difficult? Are you trying to navigate your Bible but can’t seem to find the time to dive deeper? Perhaps, you using your smartphone seems wrong and doesn’t provide a deep enough study?

During the early years of motherhood when I had tiny little ones attached to me almost 24 hours a day, it became increasingly difficult to read God’s word so I eventually turned to my smartphone as a supplemental tool to read God’s word.

Let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both and figure out which is best for YOU? In your current season or assignment in life.

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Bible on Phone

Using a BIBLE app on your phone isn’t a sin!

Today, you have access to a plethora of tools to study God’s word. You can read about it here. Don’t let someone, not even me, make you feel guilty about the tool being used to deepen your faith walk.

Bible on phone vs paper Bible

Using a BIBLE app isn’t a sin!

However, if you are here searching for answers on WHEN you should use a Bible on phone vs a physical paper Bible then let’s look at some clear advantages and disadvantages.

Easily accessibleLacks the kinesthetic learning style
(cannot touch and write)
Travels easilyLacks deep engagement opportunities
Multiple ways to study:
studies, reading plans, and community
Lack of retention
(people are not retaining the information they read)
Can share scripture easily
and globally
Lacks creativity
(cannot doodle)

Paper Bible

Write God’s Word on your heart.

bible on phone vs paper bible
Bible on the phone is advantageous for busy moms.

If you are not creating a deep relationship with God through your Bible on your phone then it may be time to use your PHYSICAL Bible. It provides an opportunity to see the Bigger picture and connect pieces of HIS story to your story.

It has cross-references and a dictionary to dive deeper into the context of each lesson that the Lord is trying to convey to us.

Personally, I love my BIBLE! IT has been a resource in my life for 16 years – it is bruised and battered and barely held together with duct tape (sounds just like me!). I had to buy a new Bible cover to keep it from falling apart! It has been through many trials and tear-streaked nights as I have navigated the murky waters of this life yet the Lord has used it to highlight areas in my life where I needed HIM most.

does it matter if you read the bible on your phone?
A worn Bible to match a shabby life.

My physical Bible is a treasure. In case you are wondering, here are my favorite Bible resources:

Let’s look at some advantages and disadvantages of a PHYSICAL Bible:

Provides a kinesthetic learning style
touch, feel, write, visual
Bigger PictureHard to carry in a diaper bag
Deeper Engagement
(cross-references, maps, concordance)
Not as durable
Doodling!!!Hard to navigate for beginners
More retentionLacks topical Bible plans

So what, who cares?

You do you!

bible on phone vs paper bible
Use whatever means you need to dig deeper into God’s Word and apply it to your everyday life.

Our seasons in life changes frequently. When I was a young believer and mom of young children, it was difficult to carry my Bible with me and keep it safe from little hands therefore using a smartphone was an excellent way to stay in God’s word so my cup did not become EMPTY. Nobody wants a mama with a bad attitude because her heart isn’t focused on GOD!

Now, I have a little margin and have developed rhythms for my days. Rising earlier and going to bed earlier have created a margin to study in my REAL Bible so my cup stays full and overflowing. Right now (September 2020), I am going through 1 Samuel and it says that GOD judges by the HEART.

So mama, don’t feel judged about what you are using to stay in communion with the Lord. HE knows your heart! Only serve HIM.

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