Best Bible Reading Applications 2020

Let’s find the best Bible Reading applications in 2020 that works for you! With the rise of technology, there has been an abundance of smartphone applications created to access the Bible anytime, anywhere, on almost any device.

I know it can be overwhelming when you jump onto Google Play (or your App Center) to be bombarded with an unending list of Bible Reading applications.

Let’s break down the top choices of best Bible Reading applications that support the overall message of the Bible. The best Bible reading app that will provide the Bible version you enjoy reading and extras to explore God’s Word by diving deeper into the context and personal applications.

Bible Reading Applications

When researching Bible reading applications I came across quite a few that were just bloat applications that want to provide you with an essential resource at a cost – lots of ads! The organizations want to charge you for removing the ads which I considered a major pitfall when there are options out there that are made for YOU and are backed up with the same message that is inside the Bible – serve others by providing God’s word at no cost!

I decided to present the Bible Reading applications sorted by Ministries that are founded on sharing God’s word therefore if there is any cost you know exactly who you are founding and where that money is being spent – more applications, missions, ministry expenses, etc. I also reviewed them based on these criteria:

TRUTH: Bible Studies, commentary, and extra tools available to dive deeper
USER EXPERIENCE: How easy it is to use and find what you need
PRICE: Free or worth it to buy it at a budget friendly price
BONUS: Extra features like audio or video


The most used and frequented Bible Reading Application is owned and operated by YouVersion. It was created by Life.Church – you know that megachurch with Senior Pastor Craig Groeschel! Pretty Epic! I remember when the application used to say Life.Church but the application grew into a FULL ministry.

YouVersion has an official website at where it outlines it’s mission and purpose behind their products.

“We wholeheartedly believe a daily rhythm

of seeking intimacy with God

has the power to transform lives.”


1. YouVersion The Bible Reading App

This is MY go-to application for reading the Bible, following mini-Bible reading plans and devotionals. I can cross-reference the application on multiple devices with my sign-in credentials. It tracks your Bible reading habits, has a widget to add to your phone screen wallpaper, creates verse art, and now a prayer list option that allows you to see what prayer requests have been sent, prayed for, and answered!

Here is my complete review of YouVersion.

2. YouVersion The Bible for Kids

Bible Reading Applications_YouVersion Kids Bible reading application

YouVersion also wanted to provide something for our children. An online application just for them to build an intimate relationship with our Lord that was fun, interactive, and simple.

Help your kids fall in love with God’s Word.

YouVersion The Bible for Kids

Here is my complete review of YouVersion.

3. YouVersion Bible Lens

After all the Bible reading you may be inspired to create a new shareable image that is Biblically-based. The application detects items and themes from your personal images and then suggests verses to match!

The separate app for verse art has more controls for customizing your shareable image than the Bible App. Give it a try! Here is my FULL review and tutorial for The Bible Lens.

Here is my complete review of YouVersion.

FREE DEVOTIONAL from Knitting Our Story

HarperCollins Christian Publishing

Many organizations need to use a third-party platform for publishing reasons and it seems multiple Bible reading applications have used HarperCollins Christian Publishing as their developer and you can see why by their Mission and Core Values page.

Their determination to see God’s work magnified and Jesus exemplified places their applications on this list.

Service. By following the example of Jesus, we seek to serve others with humility. We serve our authors, retailers and readers to the best of our ability with products that inspire the world. 

(John 13: 14-17; Matthew 20: 27-28)


Olive Tree Bible Software: My second recommendation for decent Bible reading software would be the application available from Olive Tree Bible Software. It provides a multitude of Bible reading Versions packed with devotionals and reading resources. The application is published by HarperCollins Christian Publishing that stands behind a Christian message as well.

“Helping Millions of People Read & Study the Bible”

Olive Tree

1. Bible App by Olive Tree

Bible Reading Applications_Olive Tree

The Application has the ability to add multiple different Bible versions that you know, love, and enjoy – NIV, ESV, NKJV, and The Message!

I tested all the apps and made a review video tutorial for each one: Here is my FULL review of the Olive Tree Bible App.

2. Bible Gateway

Bible Reading Applications_Bible Gateway

The Application is the same experience you get when using a Web browser at It is the website I use for a fast reference when searching for verses on my computer and tablets.

she works HIS way

The ministry behind my number one go-to devotional Bible reading application is she works HIS way. It is a personal decision to use this application since I have made the choice to become a member of this great community of women sharpening one another for the kingdom.

The website provides plenty of FREE content via the blog and they provide their annual Bible reading plan as well. Currently (2020-2021), we are walking through the Bible in two years.

The devotional app is available for $2.99 and Monday-Friday you will receive a devotional that corresponds directly to what you should be reading that day.

The monthly membership offers much more but if that is too much of a commitment you can test it by buying the app, following them on social media, and signing up for their newsletter.

(Soon, I will be holding FREE local meetups for swHw members in my community and for anyone else who may be interested).

“We know it’s hard to find business training and personal development that aligns with what God’s Word says. At swHw, everything we do filters through our values to remain:

she works HIS way
Dependent on God
Dedicated to Our Family
Committed to The Gospel
Effective in Our Work

1. She Works HIS Way App

Bible Reading Applications_she works his way

Sowing Circles

The ministry behind the Blue Letter Bible is Sowing Circle. It is dedicated to sowing the word of God by working together and evangelizing, teaching and ministering the scriptures.

The ministry has many different pathways like the website, application and their Blue Letter Bible Institute available ONLINE. You can read their statement of faith here.

We seek to help other ministries through assisting them with the operational aspects of their ministry and by providing exposure to the World Wide Web through this web site.

Sowing Circle

1. Blue Letter Bible

Bible Reading Applications_blue letter bible

If you are ready to take your Bible reading to the next level and start researching the Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic meaning of the words used throughout the Bible along with multiple commentaries – this is the app for you!

It has been a great resource for me as I grow deeper in my relationship with Christ. It quickly identifies the number of times the word is used and the specific meaning!

For example, do a quick study of the word “love”.

Want to see an example of how to conduct your own word study, leave a comment below and I will make a post about it!


In summary, I am an advocate for supporting ministries whenever I can when it comes to studying God’s word and applying it to my life. Why reinvent the wheel when other people have already done the much hard work compiling great Bible Studies and commentaries?

I plan on updating this post regularly when I come across more great Bible Reading applications.

Do you have any apps not listed and know the driving force behind them? Leave a comment below.

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