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Trusting God’s Divine Design in Every Stitch of Life

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Bible Studies

Verse Mapping, Topical Studies, Prayer Guides, and resources for the mom with full hands in need of filling up her cup.

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Listen to podcasts and video testimonials that will encourage you to slow down and glorify the Lord with your own words.

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Tech Tips

Easy-to-understand tutorials for Canva, Microsoft, Photography, & more so that technology is a tool not a burden.

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Bible Studies

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My favorite Bible study methods have been in-depth studies through verse mapping, inductive study, and an exegesis approach to God’s Word.

Stories of Faith

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Hearing stories of how our Heavenly Father has intricately woven the threads of struggle and victory into the lives of others provides hope to our weary bones. Let these stories encourage your faith and bolster your walk.

Tech Tips for the Faith-Driven

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As a millennial mom with five children, I understand that technology is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Our kids use Chromebooks for their day-to-day lives in schools and we are tethered down with smartphones. Gain clarity on how to use tech as a tool to grow your own faith, home, and digital ministry.

Hi, I’m Holly!

believer, wife, mom of five + WFHM that desires to put God First

Welcome to my faith blog! I’m not your typical mom – I proudly embrace my greasy hair and couldn’t care less about fitting in or superficial things like makeup, high-end clothes, or money. My journey with faith started with heartache, abuse, and illness, but through it all, my faith has remained unshakable and has only grown stronger. I’ve been refined in the fire, and now I’m here to share my experiences and insights with you. Through my writing, speaking, and content creation, I aim to uplift and encourage you in your walk with God, helping you grasp the depths of the Bible and inspiring you to live a life that brings glory to Him. I find great joy in guiding and discipling others in the Word of God, but above all, my heart belongs to the One to whom it all points: Jesus. Join me on this transformative journey of faith and discover the incredible power of unwavering belief.

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